DAIKIN Inside Air

Таke care of pure air and serenity inside your home and your workplace - only with DAIKIN airpurifiers and air conditioners ! Houses and buildings are better insulated than ever. Indoor pollution has less obvious consequences for human health and its effect is felt in the long run. Indoor air is 2 to 5 times more polluted than outside air: house dust, household and construction waste, pets, cooking, carbon dioxide exhalation and low oxygen levels during the months with shorter days. Innovative technology was developed by DAIKIN in 2004 to perform oxidative decomposition of harmful substances. A powerful IONIZER defeats viruses, molds, bacteria, allergens and hazardous chemicals, breaking down and fragmenting their surface proteins, which are then destroyed by oxidation, making the virus safe. FLASH: The dust filter traps flying particles with adhering harmful gases and STREAMER decomposes the gases by oxidation. CYCLE: The deodorizing filter absorbs and decomposes the odor. CLEAN: Removes bacteria from the dust collection filter and the humidifying filter. Patented highly efficient electrostatic HEPA FILTER. In the Emura II series, the indoor units have a SILVER FILTER unique for domestic air conditioning, with up to 99% efficiency in removing mites and pollen. In the URURU Sarara series, the indoor units have a SELF-CLEANING filter, without analogue in the competing devices. * ECARF quality mark tests show filtration efficiency higher than 98.4% against higher particles with higher penetration, over 99.4% against pollen and mold spores higher than 99.7% against bacteria, fine dust and other particles larger than 5µ. DAIKIN air purifiers and air conditioning systems provide fresh, clean, healthy air in the room and in the building all year round, in a comfortable and quiet mode of operation, both in your home and at your workplace. Thanks to this, you are now responsible for fewer allergies and respiratory infections that aggressively attack modern man. Improved air quality with more oxygen and pleasant humidification provides a healthy environment for both quality sleep and improved convective skills.