Fancoils AERMEC Portfolio

Aermec and Fancoils: complementary names where the company identifies and product and vice versa In this area of climate control, Aermec is real leader: a major company in Italy and one of the top in Europe. A leading position gained through long-standing experience that has gained ground year after year. Special attention to detail, quality materials state-of-the-art technology ensure optimal performance with virtually imperceptible noise levels, especially at low speed; attention paid to dimensions and overall size, comparable to those of standard radiators, to enable installation in all residential and commercial environments; exclusive design, anticipating trends and in harmony with interior design requirements; new electronic control panel to enable automatic operation and achieve the most user-friendly climatisers to date. Aermec fancoils boast all these features and more.
  • FCZ

  • Omnia HL

    Omnia HL
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  • Ventilcassaforma CHU

    Ventilcassaforma CHU
  • Highest degree of Hygiene FCZ H

    Highest degree of Hygiene FCZ H